Private vs Public Accounts

If you use your account for business on Instagram, are you also intermingling personal interests/activity? Find out why this is hurting your account.


PinITnow, Read it later Are you personal searches on Instagram affecting your business account? See how -->>

Are you personal searches on Instagram affecting your business account? See how -->>


Personal vs Business Accounts

If you are on Instagram for business, it is often tempting to also use it for personal activities including searching accounts (ie your favorite movie star), commenting on a random picture and posting a funny picture from home. What you don’t realize is that this is affecting your business account. We recommend also setting up a 2nd private account.

? Everything you do is tracked on Instagram and shapes the algorithms for your account. So your activity out of niche on your business account, will affect the algorithms. We save this “personal” activity for our private account.

? We sometimes like to post pictures for our family/friends that are not related to our business. Setting up a private personal account let’s you still share while keeping your business account professional.

Do you have a personal & business account?

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