How to Join an Instagram Engagement Comment Pod™

Have you heard about Instagram Comment Pods™?  We have found a way to spark engagement on your Instagram photos AND connect with other Instagramers in your niche.

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Instagram Engagement

One element of the Instagram algorithm to gain followers is sparking engagement quickly on your photos.  This quick engagement has many benefits including boosting your photos into Hashtag Top Posts. The Hashtag algorithm looks at your likes and comments vs the other photos using the same hashtag’s likes and comments to follower ratio in specific time periods after your post.

Why would someone want to hit a top post for the hashtag? Simple, more visibility and the opportunity to bring in more organic followers.Instagram Top Hashtag Spots

In attempts to help people hit their top posts for their hashtags, we came up with the idea of “Comment Pods”.  These pods group 15 people by niche to work together to like/comment on each other’s photos.   The group is formed in an Instagram Direct Message. This is not a one-time like-for-like or comment-for-comment thread that you see in FB groups. This is forming a small community in your niche to spark engagement. Additionally these groups often become friends and discuss niche specific ideas and issues in the DM group.

I know what you’re thinking. “Awesome, I want in”.

Instagram Comment Pods

Here’s how you can sign-up for a comment pod.

Join Now

Fill out the comment pod sign-up form here.

  1. Please make sure to correctly identify your niche. Comments pods are formed by niche, then account size, then time zone. Sometimes we need to place people in a pod that may not a 100% fit of your exact niche temporarily until we get more signups for that specific the niche.
  2. We currently have close to 6000+ people in pods with over 225+ niche specific pods, so chances are we already have your niche and can place you quickly. If not and you haven’t heard in a two or so weeks, try recruiting others from your niche. We start them with 4 people and they can have a max of 15.

Instagram Engagement Pods

  1. Comment pods are filled every week. Please be patient. You will be emailed when you are placed in a pod with formal instructions on how the pods work. We have been running the pods for over 7 months and have had every question/conflict you can imagine come up. The instructions cover everything to make these as successful as possible for everyone involved.
  1. Read the instructions, then check your Instagram Direct Messages and have fun!
    1. If you have a repost/regram account, please do not sign up unless you are crediting the source of every photo you posts (the Instagram handle in the description and tagged in the photo) or text information as to the owner of the photo in the description. If you do not do this, you will be removed from your pod.

Instagram Direct Message Enagegement

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