was created to provide ebook guides to TEACH you the fundamentals of how Instagram works.  With this knowledge of “how Instagram works” you can build a strategy for YOUR business to grow your Instagram account with REAL & ENGAGED followers for both Digital Influencers and Brands.

When we started building our Instagram accounts, we found many high-level articles,  general to-do lists or tips/tricks/hacks that helped a particular influencer grow their Instagram account in their specific niche.  The problem was that there was nothing out there that taught you the principles behind Instagram strategy and guided you through creating your own unique Instagram strategy & brand… because only YOU know the nuances of your business.  And let’s face it, the results from hacks or tricks are short-lived.

So we diligently worked on each step needed to build a solid Instagram account with real & engaged followers.  Our methodology includes months of A/B testing taking traditional offline & online marketing strategies and apply them to social media. We documented it all in our Guides to REVEAL the secrets to Instagram Success.

Our guides teach you how the Instagram platform works including the major components of the six Instagram algorithms and guide you to create your own unique account that will be successful on Instagram and meet your business goals.

With well over 1,000 guide purchasers, we know these guides work for all niches within Instagram as we focus on fundamentals that work with the continued Instagram algorithm changes.

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