Instagram Monetization Guide for Influencers


Influencer marketing is on the rise with brands dedicating more of their advertising budget every year to this channel.
Building your own entrepreneurial business as an influencer is incredibly rewarding.

The dream of finding a passion, getting paid for it, and having a fulfilled fun life along the way.

If you have used our Instagram Decoded Course, you have been growing your Instagram account with the real follower and engagement in a niche that makes it now very valuable to monetize to brands marketing their products and services.







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Brands will value your Instagram account because you have built an engaged audience that values your authentic view and sees you as an influencer of products and services you use on your account.

You have heard the stories and read blog posts about people making money off their Instagram account and you are now ready to monetize your Instagram account.

Let’s face it… TIME IS MONEY… so let’s get started!


Instagram Monetization Guide for Influencers

Our Instagram Monetization Guide for Influencers is a downloadable pdf document detailing all of the strategies we developed to monetize our personal Instagram accounts working with brand and other marketing opportunities.

We walk you through the current workings of Social Media marketing to streamline your learning and structure your process to make money quickly and reliably for the long-term.

Our Instagram accounts (@BlueSkyTraveler) and (@LittlePrettyLiz) are SOCIAL PROOF that these methods work!  We started growing our accounts in August 2015 in the travel and mom/baby influencer niches and have learn to monetize them over the past year.


Let’s set expectations. This is not a “get rich quick” scheme.

Instagram Marketing, like all marketing and account building, takes hard work, time, diligence, and good business follow-through to be successful long-term. We all hear of the 1% of superstars who seem to have been catapulted to success. INSTAFAMOUS overnight! For the vast majority of people currently making money on Instagram, growing your account and monetization opportunities is a strategic process, just like any other business.

What’s the benefit of the Instagram Monetization Course?


Learn how influencers are monetizing their Instagram accounts both directly and indirectly through different strategies.

The guides provide you a variety of ways to make money.

The Instagram Monetization Guide for Influencers details step-by-step instructions to start working with brands.

We will walk you through how to pitch, negotiations, contracts, and regulations to be aware of.

Discover how brands are working with Influencers

We’ll give you the information on where the budget is, how to calculate YOUR RATES and how to negotiate to build long term relationships.


What will you learn in this guide:

1: Introduction to Monetization for Influencers
Let’s start out with understanding how Influencer Marketing is developing as a valid marketing channel in corporate budgets:


  • Overview of the growth in the influencer market.
  • Understand how corporate marketing department are structured.
  • How to gain entry and who controls the budgets.
  • What metrics are available and important to measure and benchmark.
2: Monetizing YOUR Social Media
In this section, we discuss structuring you plan to focus your monetization strategy including:


  • Elements that factor into when you can start monetizing your account.
  • How many posts can you monetize?
  • How to develop a plan for who to target in your monetization strategy.
3: Where to find the Opportunities?
You have a plan…


…now where do find people willing to pay you?

We walk through different methods of finding and contacting the brand including how to find the RIGHT contact.

4: Rates
Money, Money, Money!


We know you are going to flip to this section of the GUIDE first?.

Are we right?

We will show you two different industry standard methods to calculate the marketing value of YOUR influence to effectively negotiate your rate.

You have to speak marketing lingo to get marketing dollars!

5: How to Pitch
You have a plan. You know who to contact.  Now you need to make that pitch.


We will walk you:

  • What is a pitch?
  • What makes a good pitch?
  • Give you sample <fill in the blank> pitch letter.
  • And discuss tips on negotiating your first contract.
6: Let’s make a Deal

You have a brand that wants to pay YOU for your Instagram Influence.

In this section we will go through:

  • The “how to” of contracts including key elements that should be in every contract.
  • Getting paid.
  • Taxes considerations.
  • Risks to consider now that you are a small business owner.
7: The 'How To' for Sponsored Posts
We know you know how post on Instagram.

That is how you achieved your Influencer status.

This sections will guide you through:

  • Staying in brand
  • Regulations to consider for sponsored posts
  • How to handle sponsored posts when all that you have is a negative review of the product or brand.
8: Follow up tasks
Your post is a success! But you are not done!


This section provides direction on what you need to do to develop long term relationships with marketing brands to insure that you get repeat business.

9: Monetization Methods
How many ways can you monetize your Instagram?  We have got quite a list for you!


  • Methods to monetize on the Instagram platform.
  • Methods to monetize the Marketing traffic from Instagram indirectly.
  • Using Instagram as part of larger campaigns.
10: Implementing your plan
We know it’s a lot of information to take in.


  • We provide you with a checklist of step-by-step instructions to get everything in order so you can start monetizing.
  • We’ve been there!  We will tell you four key lessons we wish we knew earlier.

Bonus Features


Our list of 100+ Influencer Networks details each platform by social media channels opportunity and popularity!

We’ve cut hours of tedious work for you so you can quickly scan and identify which networks will be a good fit for your business goals.


Access to our InstaRevealed VIP – Monetization Facebook Group

Our VIP communities work together to delve deeper into the guides and further share their ideas.


Meet the Authors

Teri Didjurgis

Teri Didjurgis

Teri has worked in Corporate America for over 15 years, creating successful companies including creating and selling her own online marketing company. Taking a year off in 2014, Teri traveled Europe and started an Instagram account and blog. She received hundreds of requests from Gen-X American friends and colleagues for value luxury recommendations for their annual two-week vacations including: Must See Places to Go, the best Hotel & Food establishments and Travel Clothing & Accessories for ease of travel.
Her travel website,, was created to share these vacation recommendations to encourage travel for the Gen-X generation who are looking for the best luxury experience with their valued time. Teri began focusing on her Instagram account, @blueskytraveler, to support marketing and traffic to her website – and has quickly become a digital influencer in the travel niche.



Liz is a mom, wife and works full time as a tech support engineer by day. She’s always busy and always on the go.
Liz grew up on social media and has always had a “problem” with her obsession over it. Instagram was her favorite because of the visual aspect of the platform and her passion for photography. Liz quickly became hooked and wanted to figure out how to become an Instagram Influencer.
Liz’s goal was to supplement income through paid sponsorships to boost her son’s college fund, to help pay for daycare (a whopping $2.3 per month in Boston!) and to save for a down payment on a house. So she took to pen, paper, camera and phone and set off on a journey to “own” Instagram. She first created a blog,, as a landing page to serve up more information for her Instagram audience and then began building up her personal account, @littleprettyliz. While she doesn’t “own” Instagram yet, she has a leg up on it becoming an influencer in the mom/baby niche with a side of fashion.

Liz Dean

Liz Dean


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Instagram Monetization Guide for Influencers


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