How to Setup your Instagram URL to track in Google Analytics

Did you know that clicks from Instagram are not tracked in Google Analytics?  Learn how to setup an Instagram URL Redirect to track your audience’s clicks to your website!

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Here are the instructions we promised you as a bonus.

Here is Liz’s URL in Action:


This is important to track from day 1.

As we mention throughout the guides, tracking is important because brands care about the cold, hard numbers.

When you do a sponsored post for a brand, you should follow-up with links to all the posts across social media channels as well as the numbers of likes, comments, click-throughs to the blog (if there is a correlating blog post which most brands want).

The URL that you input in your Instagram profile will now show up in Google Analytics unless you add in Google Tracking Parameter.


GODADDY INSTRUCTIONS: (If these don’t make complete sense you may be using a different version than us, please use their Help Page HERE for detailed instructions.)

  1. Login to Godaddy.
  2. Go to “Hosting”
  3. Click the Green “Manage” Button next to the domain name you want to do this on.
  4. Go to” File Manager” in the green bar across the top
  5. Click on the “Public_HTML” Folder
  6. Click “New” in the top left
  7. Name it “ig.html”  (You can name it whatever you want, but ig.html is nice and short)
  8. Save.
  9. Go back to the area to manage stuff where you Clicked on the “File Manager”
  10. Click on “Redirects” under the Domain section
  11. Type = Permanent
  12. Select the domain on the drop down.
  13. After the “/” type in “ig.html” (or whatever call to action you may want to name it).
  14. Redirects to
    1. utm_source=Instagram (Do not change)
    2. utm_medium=referral (Do not change)
    3. utm_campaign=Desc (You can change this to track different campaigns during the time period the post is listed)
  15. Keep “Redirect with or without www.” checked.
  16. Click Add.

As with coding and software engineering, you always need to check your work. So go ahead, test it out: Go to Does it go to your blog’s main page? It worked! If it doesn’t, contact godaddy support for further assistance.

Now use as the link in your bio. Done and DONE! No go pat yourself on the back. 😉

You will now see IG traffic under Acquisition with the other Social Media channels (I whited out a few channels, but you can see Instagram in the view below). If you want it to list somewhere else than you change the parameters.

Google Analytics

Here is an article and form to build your urls

(You can use this if you place an ad somewhere and want to track the traffic also.)

Host Gator Instructions:

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  • YES! This worked! Btw, I have BlueHost and the directions for GoDaddy work just fine. The only difference is where to find everything, but it’s all right there from the Control Panel. Thanks Liz!

  • Hey Liz,
    maybe I got the point all wrong, but I don’t see why this is needed? I don’t have a hosting service yet, but WordPress shows Instagram statistics just fine? I mean I can see under ‘referrer’ in the statistics how many people clicked on the link in my instagram profile?
    Is this something different you’re describing here?
    Kind regards

    • Hi Korinn,

      Many marketers use Google Analytics for their marketing stats especially as they scale into other advertising and more detailed tracking. You will need this redirect or utm_parameter tags for tracking in Google Analytics.


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