Help! Get me out of Instagram INSTAJAIL!

Did you get a ban for liking, commenting, following or unfollowing?  See our tips to get out of Instagram’s INSTAJAIL!


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So you got BANNED on Instagram….

It’s a heart dropping moment when you are tapping away on Instagram and realize that you have received a BAN.

Welcome to INSTAJAIL!

First things first. There is no “universal limits” or a specific number official # of like, comments, follows, or unfollows that everyone can do before getting a ban.  Instagram’s spam police algorithm bases its calculation based on your recent activity.

If you suddenly start doing any of action on Instagram in mass… Instagram will SLOW you down as you look like a SPAMMER.

Liking / Commenting / Following / Unfollowing

  1. Usually the first warning sign that you are getting close to “limits” is a RED bar across the top saying “Network Error”. We are not 100% certain, but we have noticed that we actually have great Wifi or Network access on all other apps on our phone, but Instagram will display this message. It’s usually our first clue we are moving too fast for Instagram.
  2. Next, you might notice than when you click the button, it will flash but not actually to the action. For example, if you are trying to follow, the white button will flash green and then return to white.
  3. Finally, you might see a message, telling you that you have been too aggressive. Sometimes it gives you a timeout with the amount of time you are in InstaJail ie 2 hrs, 24hrs, 1 week and sometimes it does not.  The amount of time usually increases for repeat offenders.

What should you do if you landed in INSTAJAIL?

  • Slow down your Instagram game!
  • Bans are usually independent of each other. For example if you are banned for liking, you can usually still comment, follow & unfollow.
  • When the ban is lifted, do NOT start aggressively doing that action again. Wait a few hours and ideally a day.
  • Start that action at a slower pace.  For example, if you were liking about 20 pictures per hour, start at 10 pictures per hour for 8 hours for a day. Then start warming your account back up by SLOWLY increasing the frequency per hour.

Things we have noticed about Instagram’s SPAM Police

  • Instagram does not like sharp increases in activity.  If you have been on vacation for a week and not been on Instagram, don’t jump back in liking 100’s of pictures.  This will appear to be aggressive behavior
  • Instagram appears to have both hourly limits and daily limits based on YOUR recent activity. Spread your activity out.
  • Repeatedly hitting bans appear to decrease YOUR limits further until you can slowly build back up and “shake off” the ban. Try to not hit more than 1 ban per week at MOST.
  • For Comments, Instagram does not like repeated emojis and commenting the same text with or without emoji on posts.  If you copy/paste “Beautiful Picture” on all the posts in your feed.. you are likely to get a comment ban.

Be patient grasshopper!

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