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Comment Pods™ – Get connected with other Instagram accounts in your niche: jump-start your engagement, find your niche community & enjoy niche focused conversations to network and grow not only your Instagram account but also your business. Join today at


PinITnow, Read it laterInstagram Comment Pods™ - Get connected with other Instagram accounts in your niche: jump-start your engagement, find your niche community & enjoy niche focused conversations to network and grow not only your Instagram account but also your business. Join today at -->> 

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Comment Pods™

What are Comment Pods™? Comment Pods™ matches you with 14 other NICHE Instagram accounts to network and like/comment on each others photos.

Comment Pods™ started with the idea that a small group of Instagrammers who were invested in growing their accounts could help each other spark engagement on their accounts.  … And it worked.  So in 2015, we coined and trademarked our funny term “Comment Pods™” and expanded it to our Facebook Group “Instagram Posse“.  After running this program with 1000’s of Instagram accounts, we have fine-tuned the instructions & process for an efficient program so YOU get the most our of your social media time.

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Why join Comment Pods™?

Sometimes it just takes one person commenting on your Instagram post to open the door for your audience to start engaging on your posts starting a snowball effect.  And it’s not a secret that Likes/Comments help get you into the Instagram Top Posts Algorithms. There are several other factors that affect the six Instagram algorithms as you will discover in our Instagram Decoded Course, but comments is an element that can have a great have an effect on quickly and you can improve with the help of your 14 new Comment Pods™ friends in this FREE service.

The Comment Pods™ have evolved beyond jump-starting your engagement on individual posts ? with additional benefits including:

✔️ Providing a structure and practice to ENGAGE on Instagram with people
✔️ Discussion around niche opportunities and collaborations
✔️ Forming a community – what Instagram is ALL about!


Comment Pods™ Engagement

Let’s face it, starting a conversation with strangers is often hard in person much less on social media.  Comment Pods™ help you practice on engaging with your niche group. In addition, you are commenting on photos of people who have the same interests, so it’s much easier to start posting more than an emoji and “nice pic” to create REAL and RELEVANT comments that start conversations on both your account and your Comment Pod™ members accounts.

You will start to see your posts jump into Top Posts which facilitates visibility in the vastness of Instagram.  More people will like/comment on your photos. With these new commenting skills, our members find engagement easier with accounts outside their Comment Pods™ and find ways to make meaningful relationships on Instagram and build communities – What Instagram is all about!


Comment Pods™ Niche Discussions

Another benefit of the Comment Pods™ is finding your community to have niche based conversations.

  • Our Book pods discuss new books to read and Book of the Month ideas
  • Our Food pods make us hungry as they discuss recipes and food brands they work with
  • Our Travel pods exchange location recommendations and hotel opportunities
  • Our Photography pods discuss the never-ending debate of Nikon vs Canon and how to sell their photos.
  • The list goes on…

Each member may be at different levels of building their Instagram account or their professional career, but the niche discussion ideas is like having access to the best networking cocktail party for YOU – 24×7.


Comment Pods™ Community

An unexpected surprise we discovered occurring in the Comment Pods™ were the communities being formed OFFLINE.  Our pod members have met up for coffee, planned hikes, exchanged services and gone on InstaWalks to help each other take photos for their Instagram accounts.

We could not be more pleased to facilitate these relationships in helping people find others who have the SAME interests through Instagram photos.

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Comment Pods™ Niches

With over 200+ niche comment pods, chances are we have a comment pod for you.  We start with a NICHE Pod ie Recipes and then quickly find the SUBNICHES ie Vegan, Real Food, Recipes, Beer, Wine, Lushes (the indulgent ones), Health, and Chocolate (Yummy) with the help/suggestions of our members.

From Disney Pods, Essential Oil Pods, Single Mom Travel pods, Beauty – Nail pods, Art-Tarot pods… we have a little something for everyone!

We add new niches daily and upon request and have hundreds of accounts join us every week to find your community.

Check out some of our Featured Comment Pods™


Comment Pods™ Members

With over 20,000+ Instagrammers participating in our programs as of June 2015, we are able to fill up those pods and find you 14 friends who share your interest.  We strongly discourage non-niche pods as this will NOT help you in the Instagram algorithms for your business Instagram account.  Guide 7 of our Instagram Decoded Course explains why!


How many Comment Pods™ can I join?

Many people participate in multiple pods.  For example, if you want a new SUBNICHE pod, members will request/join that one, which may not be full, and then also join a NICHE pod for a broader level of engagement.

You can leave a pod at any time and join a new one. We do recommend that you limit pod signups to 4 pods as beyond this, it is very difficult to keep up with you 56 friends daily.

NOTE: The intent of comment pods is to help you find others in your niche to network, form a community and work together to “jump-start” your account. If you are only using Comment Pods™ and not engaging in the other strategies and communities on Instagram, you will not continue to grow your account or have an balanced authentic audience. Everything method can be abused… don’t overdue on Comment Pods™.


How can I join Comment Pods™?

Just fill out the signup form here ->>Commetn Pods Signup

We will add you to our Facebook group, The Original Comment Pods™, where you can connect with other Instagrammers in your niche.

*Note, if you have a repost/regram account, please do not sign up unless you are crediting the source of every photo you posts (the Instagram handle in the description and tagged in the photo) or text information as to the owner of the photo in the description. If you do not do this, you may not be added to Comment Pods™ or may ask to leave Comment Pods™ by your group members.

What are you waiting for? Join a Comment Pod™ today!


Comment Pods™ Instructions?

We have put together instructions on how to run & participate in a comment pod -> Comment Pods™ Instructions


Comment Pods™ FAQ’s

More questions about Comment Pods™?  Check out our FAQ’s


Comment Pods™ is a free “match-making” service that has helped 1000’s find their niche communities on Instagram.  They are not perfect, nor can we control people’s behavior or activity levels. Please participate in Comment Pods™ at your OWN discretion.


Just a Reminder….

Please respect our trademarked name Comment Pods™ and our copyrighted instructions that we have worked so hard to develop and to provide to you for free. You may PIN this to your Pinterest boards and also invite people to the Comment Pods™ in your own Facebook groups, but you may not use our trademarked name Comment Pods™ or our copyrighted instructions to create your own groups which will be considered infringement on our intellectual property. Thanks for your support and understanding.

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