Comment Pods™ Instructions

Welcome to Comment Pods™.  Please use these instructions to work with your new niche community.Comment Pods Instructions

How do I join?

Comment Pod™ are now formed in our Facebook Group: Instagram Comment Pods. Join this Facebook group by submitting the email associated with your Facebook account HERE.

Once you have been added to the Facebook Group, you can place an AD to start a new Comment Pod™ OR join a Comment Pod™ with specific criteria detailed in the PINNED POST of the Facebook Group.

NOTE: Get in the RIGHT group to maximize your time/efficiency on Instagram for this process.

A Direct Message (DM) will be setup with the new group members.

To check your Direct Messages (DM)

  1. Go to your Instagram App HOME Screen
  2. Click on the Mailbox in the upper right of the screen

On the subsequent screen, you should see a DM labeled with your new Comment Pod™: Example Book Pod 1

If you do not, the DM may be in filtered requests.

  • Click on the BLUE BAR with Message Requests
  • FOLLOW the Instagram account of the person who initiated the Comment Pod™ which will allow them to communicate directly with your account inbox and not be in “Message Requests”

Who’s in my Comment Pod™?

From the DM window, click on the “Circle I” in the upper right of the screen.

The next screen will be the list of members in your pod.

You an also TURN ON / TURN OFF Post Notifications here for this DM.


Comment Pod™

Comment Pods™ are a COMMUNITY of people who:

  • Share your niche
  • Share your interest in growing their Instagram

The goals of these Comment Pods™ are to create small niche communities to exchange engagement. What also happens in successful pods, is that people start niche based conversations that will drive further idea generation and ways to grow your Instagram and also other business opportunities in your niche.

… and friendships form – We have even seen a few pods meet for coffee, schedule a hike and form genuine friendships.

That being said, this is a voluntary community based on a general reciprocal approach of engagement.

  • You are not required to FOLLOW each other. Many people do the F/U and may unfollow you at times. Do not get upset. They are building their Instagram Strategy.
  • You are not required to sit on your phone ALL DAY and comment immediately when someone posts. The groups contain 15 people to allow for variables ie traveling, school, meetings etc. Some people will be able to respond quickly or are on the same schedule as you in looking at their IG. Others are not. TRUST US…. This all works out.
  • Your pod was formed in the Facebook Group based upon a requested activity level. Please try to abide by your commitment level of the group.

How do they work?

  • Go into your Comment Pod™ DM.
  • When you post a picture, you will “drop a heart” in the comment box. This is the indicator of a NEW POST.
  • There are 16 total people in the pod including our account @insta.revealed for moderation.
  • The other 14 people will see the HEART. Click on the person’s photo next to the heart and you will be taken to their account.
  • Find the latest post and leave a comment.

It is important to get the comments in quickly for the Instagram Algorithm.

If possible, try to reply back to comments from fellow posse members further adding to your comment count.



For the first week:

  • You may want to FOLLOW your pod members and Turn on post notifications to get you in the habit of knowing your pod and commenting on their photos.


  • You are not required to FOLLOW or have POST NOTIFICATIONS on. Just check your DM’s regularly for new “Hearts”
  • You are REQUESTED to comment (in general) once a day and as quickly as you can to keep the engagement alive for everyone (Including yourself).
  • If you are super busy and don’t have time to read the caption/write something, just simply leave an emoji of a heart or something else. We all have meetings, commuting, etc, so we get it.

The algorithm in Instagram doesn’t seem to be able to read content quality of the post. The idea is that it counts xyz comments within the first 15 minutes, 30 minutes, hour, xyz hours, xyz days, etc and that’s used in the algorithm for the top post for the hashtags you use. Also, for the explore page. However try to post engaging comments a few times a week.

Sit back and see the power of doing this and watch your hashtag photos jump into Top Posts.


Ground Rules

  1. If you unfollow someone over time because you are using the follow/unfollow method, make sure you first go to the group DM and “catchup” by liking and commenting on the hearts left. That is why this exists. It happens.
  2. DO NOT POST A HEART IN THE Comment Pod™ DM UNLESS YOU ARE CAUGHT UP (ALSO GROUND FOR REMOVAL FOR REPEAT OFFENDERS).  The first few hours matter the most for the top post algorithm, so “catching up” can deter some people from wanting to reciprocate though it does help for overall engagement numbers.
  3. If you are out of pocket for a few days and can’t like/comment, JUST LET THE GROUP KNOW (this is the biggest complaint we get from Comment Pods™ and we don’t want to have to remove anyone.)

In addition, if the system is not relatively fair, the other Comment Pod™ members will stop returning the favor during this time defeating the purpose of the community. You may not receive a comment for EVERY Comment Pod™ member EVERY TIME. Remember, this is your community so talk to each other and be responsible in your group.

Please be fair in reciprocating hearts/comments and be good community members to each other. We have specifically not set these pods up like Facebook groups that have reciprocal strings that are very stringent as the point of these groups is to form a niche community and more organically comment on each others content.



@Insta.Revealed will post a heart sometimes with our new posts that provide Instagram Tips and Strategies.

However we often won’t comment or engage back as there are 1,000’s people in Comment Pods™.  We do however feature comment pods which drives focus to your accounts and highlight Success Stories on our site. Keep in touch with us!

It is your call if you want to help us out or not and we hope our content helps you. Most and Instagram Posse members do because they are appreciative of the monitoring and getting it setup/organized (which takes time).

Please know, we don’t keep tabs if you do or don’t though.

We hope you enjoy your new NICHE community conversations and other Instagrammers in your niche focused on growth.

Liz and Teri

Liz and Teri is the creation of Teri Didjurgis (@blueskytraveler) and Liz Dean (@littleprettyliz) based on their strategies to grow their individual Instagram accounts over 50K in ~10 months. Both are now successful influencers in their niches.
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