Comment Pods™ FAQ’s

Comment Pods™ FAQ’s: We get about the same ~20 questions about Comment Pods™ in our HELP DESK & Facebook Group “Instagram Posse” every week.

Comment Pods FAQ

Please review these common questions BEFORE submitting a help desk ticket to help answer your questions more efficiently.

Can you tell we have been running these pods for awhile?


1 What is a Comment Pod™ and why should I join one?

For a full description of Comment Pods™ & the benefits, please refer to this post -> Comment Pods™


2 How do I join the Comment Pod™ Facebook group or a Comment Pod™?

Just fill out the signup form here ->>Commetn Pods Signup

We will send you an invite to our secret Facebook group, InstaRevealed Comment Pods™, in a few business days where you can connect with other Instagrammers in your niche.

Please use the email address associated with your Facebook account (the one you use to login to Facebook) so the email invite will connect/associate you into the Facebook group.

NOTE: We no longer create and place you in a Comment Pod™ group but rather enable you to CONNECT with others in your niche, account size and timezone within the Facebook group.  With over 7,000+ in our groups, we could no longer keep up. We do provide you access to the club and instructions to maximize your efforts in Comment Pods™.


3 Where do I find my Comment Pod™ DM?

To check your Direct Messages (DM)

  1. Go to your HOME Screen
  2. Click on the Mailbox in the upper right of the screen

On the subsequent screen, you should see a DM labeled with your new POD – Example “Book Pod 1

If you do not, the DM may be in filtered requests.

  1. Click on the BLUE BAR with Message Requests
  2. FOLLOW the handle of the person who started the pod (ie @insta.revealed) which will allow them to communicate directly with your account inbox and not be in “Message Requests”

4 The Comment Pod™ DM is no longer in my list on Instagram! What do I do?

Often times the DMs get jumbled and out of order. Make sure you scroll all the way to the bottom of your DMs looking for it.

If you accidentally deleted the DM, contact the pod leader or another person in the group who can simple tag your handle in the conversation for it to reappear in your DM list.

If you clicked “Leave Conversation”, you will need to contact the pod leader or another person in the group to be readded to the Comment Pod™.


5 Did you remove me from a Comment Pod™?

No. There is no way we or anyone else can remove you from a Comment Pod™. The only way you would no longer be in a Comment Pod™ is if you left the pod yourself by clicking “Leave Conversation”


6 Can I join a 2nd Comment Pod™?

Yes, you can join additional Comment Pods™ by joining or creating a pod within the Facebook Group.

We do not recommend that you jump into more than 2 Comment Pods™ until

  • You have more than 5K follower. You really want to focus on that primary niche to spark growth.
  • You can keep up with commenting on 28 accounts. You need to increase your comment activity gradually so you do not get a temporary ban for the sudden change in comment activity.

7 How many Comment Pods™ can I join?

We do not recommend that you join more than 4 pods overall.  Comment Pods™ are to connect with other niche followers to create a community, teach you to engage and develop a community. This should not be your #1 source of comments, just a “jump-start” to help you develop your engagement skills.


8 Why is the follower size bucket, niche, and timezone important in Comment Pods™?

The answers are in the Instagram Guides.

This is a contributing factor to how we have scaled our accounts quickly.


9 I post more than once a day. Can I post a heart for every photo in the Comment Pod™ DM?  

Most people tend to post once a day, so some get annoyed if they are liking and commenting on 2-4 photos a day. Please only post only one heart in the Comment Pod™ DM per day for the photo you’d like the group to focus.

Comment Pod™ groups can make their own rules. If your group decides as a whole that more hearts/posts per day are OK, then yes.  Play fair or your Comment Pod™ may ask you to leave or leave you behind and create a new group with those that are staying within the guidelines/agreed upon rules.


10 I have a new Comment Pod™ idea. 

Great, please submit your new NICHE/SUBNICHE in a HELP DESK ticket.

We will add it to our Comment Pod™ NICHE list with corresponding #hashtags to help you connect with others.


11 My existing pod does not have 14 people. Can I submit an ad in the group to backfill?

YES! Instead of requesting 14 Instagrammers, just lower the number to the amount you need to backfill your existing account.

12 I’m in a Comment Pod™ but I don’t feel like my account is growing.

When people start in our Instagram Posse Facebook group, comment pods, 30-day challenge, or buy one of our guides… they start to see growth through a more streamlined strategy.

But we also see comments saying… I am not growing as fast as others who are posting in the group. Why?

It takes a layered approach. You have to have ALL THE OARS pulling you upstream to Instagram growth of real followers & engagement. Comment Pods™ is only ONE of the tools (or oars) needed for fast growth on Instagram accounts.

The Instagram Decoded GUIDES provide the strategies we and others in the group use for even faster growth.


13 I don’t like the content posted from a member of my Comment Pod™ and feel uncomfortable commenting on it. 

If you do not feel that your current Comment Pod™ group is a fit for you, simply notify the group and join another group by finding one that aligns better with your interests.


14 So and so in my Comment Pod™ is posting photos that are not his/her own and not crediting the source. What do I do?

We request that all users in Comment Pods™ abide by Instagram’s policies for re-posting and crediting the source of Instagram pictures.

First, ask the user politely to credit the source as they may be unaware of the rules. Be a good community member.

If the re-poster does not want to credit the source, contact the Comment Pod™ owner to have them request that this member leave the group.


15 So and so in my Comment Pod™ is catching up right before dropping hearts but not before then and this is a B+ pod, what do we do?

Ask so and so politely to reciprocate in a timely fashion. If so and so refuses after a few discussions about it, ask them to leave so you can replace them with someone that fits the aesthetics of the Comment Pod™ for what it was advertised as.  Politely notify the user that they may be a better fit for a pod that is not as active.  Be a good community member.


16 So and so in my Comment Pod™ is not commenting/engaging and it’s been a while.

People have lives, emergencies, go on vacation. Practice being part of a community that ebbs and flows.

Politely ping that person by DM and ask them about it while providing a link to the rules ( and ask them if they plan to be able to get back up to speed soon. Remember this is YOUR community.

  • If No, ask them to leave the pod and backfill it.
  • If Yes, then sit back and hopefully they will join back in. If they have to be reminded multiple times, ask them to leave the pod and find another pod to join to match their activity level.

17 So and so in my Comment Pod™ is inactive, completely. What do I do?

Ping them by DM by tagging their handle or comment on their photo telling them their Comment Pod™ is looking for them and to check their DM. ie “@insta.revealed –  Please check your Instagram DM’s”

Often times, they may not have even seen the Direct Message yet.  Tagging them in a photo or the DM will trigger an alert.

If, after a few attempts, they still don’t kick into gear

  • Request that they “Leave Conversation” to open up a spot. This may not work as they did not respond to the initial DM’s.
  • You need to create a brand new pod and don’t add them in. Then, recruit a new member to fill that spot. There is no way to remove someone from a DM conversation.

18 There is a private account in the pod and I’ve unfollowed them. What do I do?

You should re-follow them and then catch-up when they approve your request.

NOTE: Comment Pods™ may not be the best method for this technique for private account holders.


19 So and so is creating his/her own Comment Pods™ outside of this group. What should we do?

We request for those who use our service to please respect our trademarked name Comment Pods™ and our copyrighted instructions that we have worked so hard to develop and to provide to you for free. You may PIN this to your Pinterest boards and also invite people to the Comment Pods™ in your own Facebook groups, but you may not use our trademarked name Comment Pods™ or our copyrighted instructions to create your own groups which will be considered infringement on our intellectual property.

The value of using our service is

  1. We have 1000’s of users in comment pods which help match you to accounts that can further help you grow your account (Read Guide 7 to understand why?)
  2. We pass on any lessons learned to the group in the Facebook group.

Digital Piracy is illegal. Please forward any concerns to our HELP DESK which we will handle confidentially.


20 I don’t want to be in this Comment Pod™ anymore. What do I do?

  1. Let the group know you’re leaving and to turn off notifications for your account. No need to provide a reason.
  2. Delete the DM (Direct Message) from your Instagram.  From the DM window in Instagram:
  • Go the CIRCLE I in the upper right
  • Scroll down past the participants list in the DM.
  • Click “LEAVE CONVERSATION” <- This will remove the DM from your DM list

We often find that people outgrow their Comment Pod™ or may need to try a few to find the right fit!


21 Can I add a friend to the comment pod or Facebook Group?

Make sure they go through the comment pod signup form first, this way they read the rules and will be able to participate as everyone is expected. If you blindly add someone that is not in niche, not following the rules, etc – this is not fair to your pod mates.
Request for your friend to use the signup form and input the email associated with their Facebook account so we can invite them to the Facebook Group “Instagram Comment Pods”. Invites go out within 2 business days.

22 My ad continues to not be  approved by the admin. Why?

To get your post approved:
  1. Use the template in the PINNED POST of the Comment Pod group.
  2. Do not use the word “join”. The posts are only for “starting” a pod. Those who want to join should use the search menu to find a pod. We do not approve ads that say “start or join” as it causes confusion.
  3. Post for ONE comment pod to start. Lots of folks come in a slam the queue for starting lots of pods.
    1. people won’t join because it looks like a spammer
    2. we don’t approve multiple requests like this. The comment pods are intended to create small communities.
  4. Pick a niche. Pods with lots of disjointed niche don’t help you or the poddees. A few related is fine ie “Travel & Food” or “Lifestyle and Fashion”… but “Cars, Travel, Food, Fashion, Dogs” is not a niche.

Comment Pods™ is a free “match-making” service that has helped 1000’s find their niche communities on Instagram.  They are not perfect, nor can we control people’s behavior or activity levels. Please participate in Comment Pods™ at your OWN discretion.

If your question was not answered here, please submit a HELP DESK ticket.

NOTE: We receive 100’s of tickets a DAY for this free service and will try to accommodate questions as quickly as we can. Please understand that we prioritize tickets from our paid services first.

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