Are you in too many Instagram Comment Pods™?

Instagram Comment Pods™ utilizes an age old marketing technique to get the conversation going.  However, good things can be done in excess and become detrimental to your account.


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Are you in too many Instagram Comment Pods?

Are you in too many Comment Pods™? See more at ->>


Are you in too many Instagram Comment Pods™?

Comment Pods™ were started to:
? Provide a structure and practice to ENGAGE on Instagram with people
? Provide networking to discuss niche opportunities and collaborations
? Forming a community – what Instagram is ALL about!
? And… jump start that engagement on your post.

JUMP START! With a pod of 14 people, in theory maybe 4-5 people of your pod will be available to comment on your post in the first few hours given everyone’s busy “life” schedule. These first few comments were what we felt were needed to get the ball rolling on posts. We often saw that people did not want to be the first comment and once the comments did start, they came flooding in. A few comment from “friends” were what it took to spark the conversation in your masses of followers. A few comments also helped immensely propelling your post into the Top Posts algorithm which furthered the posts REACH.

However, with all strategies that provide success, people will abuse them. Every strategy and method can be taken to the extreme and abused. We have been hearing tall tales of people who are in 10 comment pods to generate 100+ comments on their posts!!!  What? This is not the intent of Comment Pods™.

Your comments section on your posts should not be ALL and ONLY comments from these pods. This is especially important if your intent is to become and influencer for sponsored posts.

Think about it… a BRAND wants to know that you have an organic audience that is genuinely interested in what you are recommending to generate authentic brand awareness and sales.

Sure… we sometimes need a Kevin Bacon to get the dance started (Footloose throwback reference). Speakers often have a couple of audience members who are “friends” to start the Q&A… but that is all that Instagram Comment Pods are meant to be… a jump start on the conversation, an ice breaker, a few people to get the ball rolling WHILE you work on the other strategies recommended in the Instagram Decoded Course to build and authentic audience.

Our recommendation: 1 or 2 Comment Pods™ !

Think about your long term goals of why you are in comment pods. We all need some people in our network to be cheerleaders and help us get started, but don’t cheat the system as in the long run, you will not build an authentic audience.

Are you in too many Comment Pods™?

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