About Us

InstaRevealed.com was created to provide guides / e-books documenting all the tips and tricks to grow your Instagram account with REAL followers for both Digital Influencers and Brands.

InstaRevealed.com is the creation of Teri and Liz.  Both entrepreneurs with a background in building online businesses, they connected when Teri joined Liz’s Instagram Posse Facebook Group in 2015. The two immediately connected over an obsession to figure out the Instagram platform discussing strategies & theories over instant message, texts and phone calls.

Yes in a word, obsessed!

Instagram was still the Wild West where small business marketers could make a footprint, driving traffic to their websites and becoming digital influencers.

With common goals of “figuring out Instagram to build their personal digital influencer brands” and “helping others by creating an Instagram community”, they “officially” joined forces in 2016 to provide useful guided information to help others grow their Instagram accounts.

Teri Didjurgis

Teri Didjurgis

Liz Dean

Liz Dean


Teri has worked in Corporate America for over 15 years, creating successful companies including creating and selling her own online marketing company.  Taking a year off in 2014, Teri traveled Europe and started an Instagram account and blog. She received hundreds of requests from Gen-X American friends and colleagues for value luxury recommendations for their annual two-week vacations including:  Must See Places to Go, the best Hotel & Food establishments and Travel Clothing & Accessories for ease of travel.

Her travel website, BlueSkyTraveler.com, was created to share these vacation recommendations to encourage travel for the Gen-X generation who are looking for the best luxury experience with their valued time.  Teri began focusing on her Instagram account, @blueskytraveler, to support marketing and traffic to her website – BlueSkyTraveler.com and has quickly become a travel digital influencer in the travel niche.

Liz is a mom, wife and used to work as a full time as a tech support engineer by day. She’s always busy and always on the go.

Liz grew up on social media and has always had a “problem” with her obsession over it.  Instagram was her favorite because of the visual aspect of the platform and her passion for photography. Liz quickly became hooked and wanted to figure out how to become an Instagram Influencer.

Liz’s goal was to supplement income through paid sponsorships to boost her son’s college fund, to help pay for daycare (a whopping 2.3k per month in Boston!) and to save for a down payment on a house. So she took to pen, paper, camera and phone and set off on a journey to “own” Instagram. She first created a blog, blissfulinblue.com, as a landing page to serve up more information for her Instagram audience and then began building up her personal account, @littleprettyliz. While she doesn’t “own” Instagram yet, she has a leg up on it becoming an influencer in the mom/baby niche with a side of fashion.